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Tips for Growers

by E. Kangley

Three Garlic-Growing Tips (especially for areas that get a lot of rain)

1. Flame those weeds!
Our hand-held propane flamer (#59, from Peaceful Valley Seed Co.) saves us around 80% of the time previously spend weeding. We make the raised beds, flame the beds and paths, plant garlic, smooth beds, flame again. Flame paths as needed.

2. Use compressed air to clean garlic.
Very useful last year when it was necessary to harvest in the rain. It rained most every day for two months, before and during harvest. Great for cleaning mud, dirt and moisture off roots and (using care) lightly drying the bulb, before placing in oil.

3. Dehumidification Room.
In an outbuilding with plastic-sealed interior rooms, we use ordinary room dehumidifiers (lots of air movement necessary) to cure and to store our garlic. Here in western Oregon, the humidity is generally too high for good outside shed curing.

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