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Grower Profile: The Montana Garlic Farm
Organically Grown - Gourmet & Commercial - Wholesale and Retail

Richard G. Wrench

Many years ago I wrote to you requesting information. Your reply was so gracious and helpful I have never forgotten. Now that we are in a position to offer something, I thought I would let you know our situation, should it be of interest.

Background I am a semi-retired aerospace scientist turned into an organic agronomist developing garlic. In the earlier years, I devoured all of the literature on the cultivation of garlic. After finding most of it translated into "This is how I grow garlic where I live," I was forced to develop a grown-in-Montana capability. I have developed a series of spring plant-fall harvest garlic cultivars, including the rocamboles. Recently, I received 136 varieties from the USDA and 194 from Ron Engeland's Filaree Farm. I now have 366 garlic cultivars under production and development here in Montana. I have been developing garlic as a new crop for Montana

under contract with the Department of Agriculture and head up farm development groups to promote garlic as a crop for the small tract of land. Also, I have been actively developing seven different markets for our garlic.

What We Have Fall and spring plant seed stock. Prices will be in the $5-$7/lb range, depending on amount desired, plus 15% shipping and handling. Currently, we have 36 varieties developed for Montana in both the spring and fall plant. The other 330 cultivars will be available in limited quantities this fall. I can advise how we developed the spring plant capability should you have the interest. We are consistently obtaining ╝lb. rocamboles, after curing, of the gourmet class. We plant in late March/early April and harvest the first week of September. If you want to know more about us, get in touch.

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