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Name That Herb Contest!

Simple - just match the language with its word for "garlic"! Number down a page 1-26 and put the corresponding letter next to it (Example: 24 - Q). When you've got them all, send them to the GSF (14542-0149, U.S.A.) and the top 10 will receive a swell prize (T-shirt of your choice). The individual who get them all correct will be awarded the keys to the 1995 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow.

Good luck!

1. Romanian A. alau
2. Italian B. hvidl°g
3. Danish C. hvitl°k
4. Polish D. esnek
5. Servo-Croat E. beli-luk
6. Indonesian F. valkosipuli
7. Russian G. ajlo
8. German H. aglio
9. Esperanto I. tsoum;
10. Swedish J. knobel
11. Greek K. nin'niku
12. Yiddish L. knoflook
13. French M. ajo
14. Czech N. knoblauch
15. Finnish O. usturoi
16. Turkish P. skor'don
17. Arabic Q. garlic
18. Hungarian R. sarmisak
19. Portuguese S. czosnek
20. Norwegian T. ail
21. Hebrew U. fokhagyma
22. Dutch V. schum
23. Swahili W. kitunguu-saumu
24. English X. ches_ˇk
25. Spanish Y. bawang-putih
26. Japanese Z. vitl÷k


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