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Attention:Organic Oil Company in Northwest is looking for peeled organic (certified?) garlic in bulk or persons in the northwest region who peel garlic. Please contact Abigail or Bob at 1-360-384-1238.

Moving? Contact GSF with new address. (Our bulk permit doesn't forward well.)

Earn a GSF T-shirt: Any submissions used by the Press will be compensated with a new shirt (this includes sexy graphics too!)

New Renewal System: Your membership dues entitle you to four (4) issues of the Press (no matter how seldom or often they are published). The number on your label is the last Press of your current membership. This is Press #22. If you still have a date, we haven't crossed you over yet but will by the next issue. Renewal letters will be sent, but your cooperation is appreciated.

Special Thanks: to all the members who act as our "clip service" and send garlic-related news to the GSF. Folks like Al Rosen, Janet Schmeltzer and Tony Montaro enable us to keep abreast of current garlic newsworthy facts and fiction.

"MORE GARLIC" recipes needed for GSF cookbook: Send us your favorite. (Be sure to credit creator or cookbook if it's not your own.)

Attention: "Garlic Products Catalog" - GSF member Margaret Leitch of Gaithersburg, MD is creating a mail order business of all garlic-related products. Do you have something to sell wholesale? Food, clothes, crafts, etc. Please contact Margaret at her work number: 301-926-2500, ext. 313.

Treasurer's Report: There is currently about $10,500 in the bank account, $2,000 in inventory, and $50 in the postage account.

Garlic Country USA: What happens when you combine country music theaters, stores, restaurants and a hotel in Gilroy, California? Good guess! The first park dedicated to an herb! Promising 5,000 jobs, 5.5 million visitors, and annual gross sales of $750 million, it looks to be a more profitable venture on the 182 acres than growing garlic! Projected completion date is 1996, so maybe we could hold a GSF convention out there towards the end of the century.

Newsletter: Gary Price (RR 6, Box 363, Minot, ND 58703) sends out a "Garlic Lover's Newsletter" to his customers. Check this out - produced at the farm, 4 pages, 2 times a year, loaded with information (something for everybody) and an easy-to-read layout. Send stamped, self addressed envelope to Gary.

Contact People: All those who wish to be contact people for their area, please drop a post card to us. A letter is coming out next to address this way of interacting.

Garlic Day and Festival 1994: Each time we get together there are always folks who jump in to help out with the registration, clean-up, sales tables, etc., and a special thank-you to each for their help.

Garlic Jam: That rarest of rare culinary delights has at long last been found: Sis Booker's Jam, 7098 Van Buren Road, Baldwinsville, NY 13027. Anyone have a source or recipe to share?

With Our Deepest Sympathy: to the family of Lucia Prata, who passed away this fall at 110 (the oldest living human in Rochester, NY). Ms. Prata is survived by 6 children, 13 grandchildren, 19 great- grandchildren, 18 great-great-grandchildren, and 10 great-great-great-grandchildren. She claimed her secret to long life was "lot's of olive oil and garlic."

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