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The Regular and Not-So-Regular Newsletter of the Garlic Seed Foundation

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What can the The Garlic Press do for you?

The Garlic Press brings you articles on:

  • botany and history;
  • kitchen recipes, tools and chef's secrets;
  • cultural practices, machinery and varieties;
  • inside industry information;
  • festival reports and marketing ideas;
  • and useless and tasteless tidbits.

The Garlic Press is the official newsletter of the Garlic Seed Foundation and has been published since 1987. Get a whiff of The Garlic Press (samples from our latest issues).


We welcome submissions from members such as: articles, information, research, ideas, suggestions. Subscription to The Garlic Press newsletter (4 issues) is included with membership in the Garlic Seed Foundation.


What People are Saying about The Garlic Press

"I wasn't sure if the "hot line" was going to help me at the race track or with a date for the weekend; or it was more of a "help line" like AA, instead you told me when to cut the flower tops and how to eat them as pesto... delicious!"
- Ronnie B., Fayetteville NC

"Gastronomic Poetry! This is wild!"
-Ritza, New York, NY

"It stinks... thanks"
-P.D., Bismarck, ND

"I'd like to send a membership to my well dressed Brother Jeb, a man of good taste and bad breath"
- George B., Austin, TX

"Do you still have garlic scented felt-tip pens?"
- Dan D., Colorado Springs, CO

"Reading this crap is a total waste of time"
-Cris R., Little Rock, AR

"Keep it up. We look forward to each issue."
-J. Jacobson, Tacoma, WA

"How and where do these people find all this ridiculous garlic stuff?"
-John S., Lincoln NE

"As a commercial farmer I always want and need to know more of what to do better. When I can't find answers at my extension office, I always ask you, thanks."
- S.L. , Maryland

"I always keep my copy in the head"
- Lt. T. Skinner, APO New York

"Everyone jokes about the garlic, I do too, but this garlic... this was from my grandmother, and from her mother and I will pass it to my daughter. This is part of my family's heritage and it runs in my veins. I grow it and I feed it to my family. That isn't funny, it's love."
- Elena R., Chicago, IL

"Taking garlic out of my kitchen would be like taking the sun out of my sky!"
-A.C., Upstate New York

"I've gardened for years as a hobby, a "would-be farmer" as my wife says, and the garlic is one of my favorite plants. I enjoy the cycles it takes me through and the rewards from my labor. I've grown it for over 50 years.
-R.E.O. Jr., WI

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