There are few fruits or vegetables to which people sing their praise. The garlic brings that out from people with appreciation, respect, and humor.

The Garlic Song:

Written by: Ruthie Gorton
Performed by: Charlie King

"Garlic" (328 KB Windows Media Player file) | "Garlic" (2 MB mp3 audio file)

We don't know much about the composer of this song set to an old ballad but Charlie is an old friend from the anti-nuke struggles 20 years ago. He is a singer, songwriter and activist. Charlie King performs in a duo with Karen Brandow (Brandow) and to find out more abut their work, recordings, workshops and touring schedule, go to Charlie and Karen have a great act, wonderful recordings and we encourage you to attend a concert in your area. (At intermission, send up a note for the "Garlic Song!") Thank you Ruthie and Charlie.



Tail Winds:

Tail Winds:
By: David Stern

Tail Winds

...I freely and openly admit to my fascination with the natural sounds that emanate from our body cavities.


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