WHEN DO YOU GET LISTED? We will begin publishing grower profiles on August 15th. Please allow a few days for your listing to appear on our website. This list will be updated weekly and maintained until it is deactivated on January 1st 2019. NOTE: All material listed here should be true to name or description and free of disease and insects.


We've had many questions about our timing for these listings so let us tell you why we do it this way: Registration begins at the end of each growing season because you don't know the quantity or condition of your harvest until it's out of the ground and curing. Same as last year? One year a farmer died and we ended up posting his listing for some years afterward. Sorry. Ever since then, we don't accept or maintain "same as last year" seed stock listings because it rarely is! Year Round Sales? This list comes down January 1st. If you have year round sales great! You can make note of this in your profile listing for people to take notice.

Pest & Disease Testing: During the past several years, we have seen an increase in disease and pest pressure in all parts of the country, requiring additional quality control in the garlic crop. Some growers are submitting garlic for testing, but at this time there are no recognized sampling or testing protocols to ensure "clean" planting material. Both buyer and seller need to discuss crop / farm history and information, and come to an understanding if there is a problem.

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