To All Members and Interested Parties: In the last week of June 2010, we had confirmation of a known (but new to us) pest in a garlic field in Western NY. Since that time there have been confirmations from all parts of the state.


This is a serious pest: a microscopic worm that can destroy your entire garlic crop. Please read additional information from Cornell Cooperative Extension. See also Managing Bloat Nematode in Garlic from Cornell Cooperative Extension.


We must all work together now that we know it is here. If you have this nematode, you can spread it throughout your farm on equipment or boots, and it has over 100 host plants (including many weeds). If you've got it, you'll be rotating out of many crops for 3-4 years and there is also the possibility of contaminating your neighbor's crops/soils.


If you've been growing your same garlic for many years and have not introduced any new stock, it is doubtful you would have this pest. However, if you purchased/brought in new planting material on a regular basis, you may have this pest.


We know that our Canadian neighbors have been watching this nematode spread through out Ontario for the past five years. And we know Ontario growers are shipping it across the border. Not all seed suppliers have been totally honest about the origin of the garlic they sell.


If this describes your garlic, please contact the Cornell Cooperative Extension for testing. Please do not sell any of this garlic for planting. Contact your markets and plan to put any infested fields in non-susceptible production. If you have this pest, we would appreciate your telling us the source of your planting stock.


I hope your bulbs are fat and juicy.


David Stern, Director



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